E3 2019 Early Bird Registration


If you have ever purchased early bird E3 tickets before, you know that its always a hot mess. The website crashes with the huge traffic it gathers and in return makes it almost impossible to complete your purchase. Well, E3 2019 Early Bird registration was no different than the previous year when it was opened to the public. Especially when tickets are almost 50% off! My friends and I logged on our computers to mentally prepare ourselves for this an hour before. Possibly by the time you read this, the Early Bird registration will be sold out unfortunately. But do not be discouraged, feel free to understand the process I went through  to buy early bird tickets below and prep for the next upcoming year.


I clicked the link and I tired and tried until my page took me to this.

This image above shows you your placement in line to purchase your ticket. I was happy that I was under the 1,000 cap. Only 1,000 tickets available for a discounted price. It eventually started loading so I figured I was okay. I was sure I had this, while my friends were getting error pages. My husband on the other hand said that he was 
number 90 😕😟. I honestly don’t know how he does it sometimes. 

At this point I was 3 minutes away from filling out the form and pay and done ✅. WRONG!!! My page gets an error and I have to refresh 😖. I continue to get the error page. My friends on the other hand finally get through and they said their number was in the 900’s. But they are under the 1000 so they are still good. Making it to this page was a pain and it’s not even the application yet!

I’m filling out my information and it crashes again and again. I get to the end of the application (4 page) and I click finish and it crashes again. I’m refreshing and refreshing and again 🤯🤯 What the F*#k!!! I’m calling my husband and he’s like, “I’m on the same boat and I have to go to a meeting in a few minutes.” He finally texted me and said he filled the payment information and the page crashed. I told him to check his bank account. Luckily his payment went through. Well at least he’s good and just in time for his meeting. I’m still trying and it has been 30 minutes. I been trying nonstop and my friends too. I decided to call customer service and I was on hold for a LONG TIME for a lady to tell me “the website is having issues. Keep trying.” And then Hung up. That was less than a minute. 😑💩 I was texting my husband nonstop to help me. And he was getting error after error until he sends me this.

While he was doing this, I was trying on safari and google chrome like some crazy person. I filled the form like 100+ times after error and error on every page of the 4 page form, until I wasn’t even looking at the form anymore. My computer remembered my info at this point where I wasn’t double checking anymore. I would go all the way to the beginning and start the form again and again until the page where it asked for my card came up and I was like oh, f*#% I don’t know if my info is correct and just filled out my card info. And prayed I spelled my name right. Lol. Double checked my bank account and it’s a go 😭😭😭🤮. I got a confirmation email and I cried a little. Jk

Only my husband and I where able to get it for $149. Every single one of my friends got this after the error. The gamer badge hikes up to $249.

All I know is that there’s a reason why this website doesn’t have a review option anywhere on the website. I’m checking Twitter and E3 early bird registration is definitely ON the naughty list. Would I do this again? Yes! Does it suck doing this every year? YES it does! But it’s honestly that good of an event that I’ve paid the $249 x 2 (husband is always my +1). I truly hope they fix this for next year. Realistically speaking, it’s probably not going to change 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♂️. The things we do for our hobbies. Hope you enjoy reading my frustration and push you not to give up if you decide to try next year! Thanks for reading!

Please note that this is pure frustration and I have zero hate for E3. I would definitely do it again and recommend you to give it a try as well. I truly hope this article gives you a quick insight of the before E3 and stay tuned for the actual E3 event. I will definitely be posting during the event and after as well.

*Author Denisse Alejandre-Huerta

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