EA PLAY! 2018

EA PLAY 2018

EA PLAY is a family friendly 3 day gaming experience. Players from all around the world and the local community come together and play new game releases before anyone else. Every year EA PLAY offers fans access to EA’s biggest new games through live broadcasts, community content, competitions and more.

Here you can see Hubby playing FIFA on the Nintendo Switch with my friend Nancy as the rival team. They are not wearing headsets in this experience due to them only playing against each other, but gaming headsets are sometimes a must in order to complete your full experience in a team senerial like Madden and/ or NBA. You can clearly see the other players in the back playing in different systems the same game.

The Sims is always a fun one to play. This experience is played in a pc and last year the booth included a free game. This year the Sims booth included chalk paint for your hair to match with your character.

Anthem was a popular one, this was more of a visual experience. The developers showed us a small trailer of the game and had two of their crew members play a 10 minute game play to demonstrate different parts of the Anthem story. The graphics as an architectural designer, I can say are excellent. The game drops in February 2019 so this was definitely a teaser. At the end, our bracelets were scanned and we had the option to collect an Anthem Character poster at the EA booth.

Overall EA PLAY Fan Fest offered a ton of unique experiences:
  • Players had the chance to play Battlefield V, some of their favorite EA SPORTS games, and got an inside look at the stunning new action game, Anthem. Unravel 2,  Command and Conquer Rivals, a new expansion pack for The Sims 4, a new mode for Star Wars Battlefront II as well as The Sims Mobile, Plants vs Zombies 2 and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, Madden NFL Mobile, and NBA LIVE Mobile were all on hand. 

  • Non-stop entertainment from the main EA PLAY Fan Fest stage with music performances from Robert DelongNombe and Thutmose and a couple surprise guests as well.  

Things to note if you're planning to attend next year!

This takes place in the middle of Hollywood at the Hollywood Palladium during the summer. The weather in California during the summer is crucial, specially if you're not familiar with hot weather. The lines you have to do before and after you enter EA Play are hours long and not in the shade I'm afraid. EA does offer water to attendees which is great, but that still is not enough if you're planing to stay the whole day. Inside, most of the experiences are all in covered areas. EA Play 2018 used shipping containers, and they worked vey efficiently when one would do the experience. I recommend taking a sun hat, sunscreen, a refillable water container, backpack, and an umbrella. I took my younger sister the 3rd day and she couldn't take the heat. The EA Crew was amazing and extremely helpful when one needed help or needed to be guided to the nearest lounge to avoid the sun. The event is awesome and I attend every year, but I can say that this summer 2018 was the hottest year for me. Keep hydrated! I hope to see you next year!

*Photos by David Huerta & Denisse Alejandre-Huerta

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