How to prepare for E3 2018

If you don't already know. E3 is the largest Video game convention in the world. People fly all over the world to attend this. You would have first hand gaming experience with the actual creators of each of the games. One gets to play the game before its even released. In some cases, they even gift you the game. In 2017, it was opened to the public. It was a total disaster, everything was out of control and almost impossible to play anything. Lines were beyond exhausting to make. I'm talking hours. My husband and I had been lucky previous years with winning tickets to this convention, so it was easy for us to compare industry vs the general public. This 2018 it will be the second year that it opens to the general public. We can only hope it is better organized. In E3 2017, we've notice that EA and Bethesda separated and created their own convention separately. Let me tell you that I attended both and Bethesdaland was beyond my favorite. IT WAS AWESOME!! We've been all over twitter started talking to the industry and there are rumors this could be the direction E3 is heading.

Lets talk PREPPING NOW!!

Even though 2017 wasn't as amazing as previous years. I have high hopes for E3 2018. First question,
When is E3 2018? June 12-14 (3 days)
When do E3 Tickets usually go on SALE? Feb 12th @12
How much? The first 1,000 $150 and the rest for $250
Where do I stay if I'm from out of town? The Marriott Hotel across the street from the Convention Center or any near hotels. Look for Airbnb's WAY CHEAPER.
Use my promo code and save $40 πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ
For how long should I book my round trip flight? 1 week minimum to have the full experience. EA Play, Bethesdaland, and Xbox Fanfest are all on the same week. All these are free, if you win tickets. EA Play are easy tickets to get and this convention is 3 days. Bethesdaland and Xbox Fanfest are not, but it never hurts to try. Ill make another post talking more in detail about how to prepare for EA Play and Bethesdaland. My husband and we ALWAYS take a week off work for E3. It sounds silly, but it's honestly one of our favorite things to do.
*Photos by David Huerta

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