E3 - XBOX FANFEST 2017!!

Xbox Fanfest is one of the most exclusive events to attend in Los Angeles! This is literally just for XBOX Fanfest WINNERS!! You can’t buy these tickets. Xbox raffles 500 tickets to the world and only those that win a ticket get a chance to attend. My husband and I have been lucky enough to attend 2 years in a row. I can tell you that the fanfest group gets bigger and bigger every year. In other words, it becomes harder to win as time passes. Before, tickets used to be distributed at the Microsoft store in Century City to the first 500 raffle winners. Every year the group would get bigger and bigger. Until 2016, that was the largest group that pushed the system to go online. They went from physically giving out 500 tickets to opening the page online and the first 500 will get tickets. That day was April 19 @6AM 2017. And there was so many people online trying to win the tickets that we broke the page. Xbox ended up giving out over 2,000 tickets. I hope you can understand how exclusive these are. Long story short. Everyone was very upset at xbox fanfest because they canceled all the tickets and opened the link again and those that won the first time wern’t able to win again. Twitter was going crazy!! I was going crazy because I won the first time :(
People that won the first time were given a apology email with a 15 day online game play pass. The public became very angry! Long story short. Husband Won.. I improvised and here are some of the images of the Xbox Fanfest experince.
We were given exclusive swag like t-shirts badges, backpacks, headphones, and so much more. Retailing over $500+ The backpack alone was beautiful, specially for storing your xbox. Free Alcohol and food! It was definitely a lounge feel for gaming.

Here you can see me and my Xbox Fanfest Crew at the xbox briefing video. The really cool thing about this is that you get to meet a lot of cool people that you continue to see annually that have the same interest.

This event last 3 days and everyday has a different experince. Day one might take place at location A and day two takes place at location B. Mostly around the USC campus area. This right here was location C and it was SICKKK! My favorite day of the three. It was pretty much a bar in what it seemed to be a theater with computer booths everywhere PC or TV connected to Xbox’s. Everyone playing games that haven’t yet been released to the public. At the end when everything was over. They started handing out 2 year FREE Online Xbox game play. That right there is pure joy! Hope you win Next year!! peace and follow

*Photos by David Huerta & Denisse Alejandre-Huerta

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